Coach To Player System

Get the most of every minute. At practice. On the field. The Coach To Player System makes on-field communication clear, secure and easy. The coach-to-player wireless communication systems have been used for years by the National Football League. Now your team can get the winning edge.

Practice System

Coach To Player practice systems are engineered so that you can make the most out of every second of practice.

There’s no more yelling, missed calls or repeating yourself during a drill. One coach can communicate with several groups and get everyone on the same page. Coaches are able to provide instant feedback to any or all athletes on a given play. Maintaining the tempo of practice while maximizing each repetition. Instant. Secure.




Our Coach-to-Player communication systems are approved by
helmet manufacturers.



The Coach To Player System provides athletes an instant tutorial while maintaining the tempo of practice. Teams are able to maximize each rep for members of each position group. Everyone is able to hear the play being called and coaching tips provided.



Our C2P systems offer real-time feedback to athletes, helping develop your starters down to the scout team players. Our systems can be used by any position group on the field allowing the tempo of practice to be uninterrupted.


Easy To Use

We handle the setup of all of our systems and work with you on the installation. Customer service techs are available 24-7.



Enhanced, digital technology assures that your team is the only one that hears your calls.

“With an up-tempo offense, you lack the ability to coach up your quarterback in between plays.  GSC’s Coach to Player System allows me to provide instantaneous feedback to the quarterback while the team moves on to the next play.  This communication really helps us develop our athletes at a much quicker pace.”

Noel Mazzone
Texas A & M Offensive Coordinator

“We were fortunate to begin using the C2P system during our preseason camp in August and enjoyed tremendous results. We saw an increase in the efficiency of our practices as our tempo increased and the QB’s were able to focus on execution and game management. We will continue to rely on the C2P system to develop our QB’s and make our offensive practices more productive.”

Dave Warner
Michigan State Offensive Coordinator

“It was really more of a convenience factor for us with the way we were practicing. Also, I like having those other guys that aren’t in the play being able to hear the play call. I kind of used it more just for teaching, but I do think it’s probably coming down the road.”—April 2015, “Nebraska among schools that would favor helmet transmitters for games,” Omaha World Herald

Mike Reid
Head Coach – St. John’s High School, Salina, KS

“Using C2P in practice has given us a more game-like tempo each in every. Our kids are more prepared for Friday night.” 

Danny Langsdorf
Nebraska Offensive Coordinator

Select Package

  • Most Economical
  • Two Talk Routes (Offense & Defense)
  • Expandable to Multiple Coaches & Players
  • Upgradeable to Supreme
  • Annual Service Contracts Available

Supreme Package

  • Select System Plus Digital Audio for Basic Level of Privacy
  • Two Talk Routes (Offense and Defense)
  • Expandable to Multiple Coaches & Players
  • Annual Service Contracts Available

Premier Package

  • Custom System Configuration With up to 16 Talk Routes
  • Any Position Group Can Receive Specific Information
  • Private Line For Coaches
  • Expandable to Multiple Coaches & Players
  • Radio Licensing is Recommended
  • Annual Service Contracts Available

Elite Package

  • Encrypted Secure Connection
  • Custom System Configuration With Up to 16 Talk Routes
  • Any Position Group Can Receive Specific Information
  • Private Line For Coaches
  • Expandable to Multiple Coaches & Players
  • Radio Licensing is REcommended
  • Annual Service Contracts Available

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